A Whole Foods Expert on How to Healthfully Navigate Your Local Supermarket

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Shopping at a grocery store — especially one with as much to offer as, for example, Whole Foods — can be overwhelming. To help ensure we are making wise choices, we asked Kelly Dupuis, a healthy eating specialist at Whole Foods, to highlight some important things for us to remember as we navigate our local supermarket aisles.

Focus on Whole Foods

Focus on whole, fresh, natural, organic and unprocessed foods. You’ll also want to shop seasonally as this assures a cart full of the most delicious produce at the lowest prices.

Check Out Discounts

Many supermarkets offer daily, weekly or monthly values. At Whole Foods, for example, we have The Whole Deal value guide, which comes out in print and online approximately every two months, and offers seasonal deals that will help shoppers save, on average, $45 per issue.

Don’t Dismiss the Freezer

If you need a particular fruit or vegetable outside of peak season, consider purchasing frozen.

Choose Healthy Fats

Get healthy fats from plant-based whole foods like nuts, seeds, avocados and olives, and minimize the amount of extracted oils and processed fats used when cooking.

Check Out Store Brands

Many supermarkets stock private label products that adhere to high quality standards, like no artificial colors and flavors or trans fats, while offering great value.

Waste Not, Want Not

Buy bargains in large quantities to get a case discount and freeze extra product, if needed. When shopping, think about creative ways to use leftovers, giving them new life in soups, salads and sandwiches.

Bulk Up

Shop the bulk grocery bins, which can frequently be more economical. From whole grains to legumes to sprouted nuts, seeds and granolas, bulk also encourages shoppers to try something new.

Batch Cooking

Keep in mind that you can cook pantry staples, such as chickpeas, lentils, quinoa and brown rice, in large batches when you have some time for fast and healthy meals later.

Health Starts Here

A mindful approach to healthy eating, Health Starts Here can be a helpful tool in creating healthy meals based on the four pillars of healthy eating; whole foods, plant-based, nutrient dense and healthy fats. Look for Health Starts Here labeled foods on our salad bars and hot bars as well as on recipe cards for HSH home cooking across the store.