8 Easy Ways to Stay Motivated and Get Fit for 2015


When it comes to long-term health and wellness, that Equinox tagline, “It’s not fitness, it’s life,” couldn’t be more on point. “Fitness is a life-long journey,” explains SLT and Pure Yoga instructor Amanda Murdock. “It’s not a one-shot deal or a checklist. Reminding yourself of that when frustration or complacency arises will keep you going and striving. Fitness can and should be fun, not a chore!”

This year, vow to do away with fad diets and mindless cardio; instead, put a realistic, long-term action plan in place. To get us started, Murdock has outlined eight ways we can start setting fitness goals now. 

  • Be Realistic. “It’s not responsible to say that you want to lose 20 pounds in a month or work out every day when your current regimen is lifting a box of cookies. Instead, set attainable goals that will keep you motivated.”
  • Get Incremental. “This goes in conjunction with number one. You may have a realistic, yet still daunting, goal for 2015. Instead of getting overwhelmed with the magnitude, break the goal into incremental steps/stages. Once you reach your first goal, move on to the second and so forth. This will keep the momentum going, so you feel accomplished and that the once daunting goal is attainable.”
  • Be Healthy. “Sounds silly, but how many of us still consider crash diets or eating 1,200 calories as still being the way to lose weight? It is not. In fact, that wreaks havoc on your metabolism and your mind. Instead, reduce the amount of processed and refined foods you eat and reach for whole foods like avocados, rice, fruit and lean proteins. This will keep you satisfied, healthy and sane because you will feel full, fueled and not deprived.”
  • Go Private. “I recommend taking a private lesson whether you have a sport specific goal, are confused about what or how to do something, or desire to push past a plateau. By taking one or two private lessons, you will not only obtain a greater mastery, but more confidence, and that’s what will truly motivate you to reach your goals.”
  • Use Technology. “From apps to fitness trackers, there are so many ways technology can keep you on your fitness path. Favorites include Charity Miles (choose a charity and it tracks your mileage and donates money to your cause), 7 Minute Workout (you can layer on different 7-minute exercises to add up to a full 28-minute workout), Simply Being (a nice beginner level meditation app) and Map My Fitness (map your run, cycle or walk workout).”
  • Try Multiple Class Formats. “This will stave off boredom and actually make you stronger in the long run. Try ClassPass or be open to different class types at your gym.” 
  • Set a Declaration. “Tell trustworthy and helpful friends what your goal is and ask for accountability.” 
  • Do It for a Cause. “Hate running, but want to run a race? Then do one that raises money for a charity. This alleviates pressure and keeps the focus on something greater than ourselves.”