26 Healthy (and Delicious!) Things We Always Buy From Trader Joe’s

If you can meander your way passed the Pound Plus bars of chocolate, tubs of cookies and all the deceptively healthy, sodium-filled frozen dumplings without succumbing to temptation, Trader Joe’s is the perfect place to start stocking your home with healthy foods, especially if you’re on a budget. Not only can you find more modestly priced basics (at least compared to places like Whole Foods), but there’s a wide variety of them. Leafy greens — many of which are pre-washed and pre-cut — vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts, seeds, spices, virgin olive oils, hummus variations and countless other fresh produce are all widely available. You’ll also find surprisingly healthy packaged foods, many of which you probably never thought to add to your diet.

Here’s a look at 26 such delicious Trader Joe’s products to your supermarket cart — all of which you can indulge in with a clear conscience.