Superfood Snack Hacks That Will Cure Your Holiday Food Coma

No one wants to count calories during a holiday feast, but allowing yourself free rein on pies, casseroles and turkey galore is one way to feel like a pumpkin spiced slug the next day. The good news: That’s the best headspace to be in if you want to make some healthy changes in your life.

The best ways to detox after a holiday binge include loading up on water, cutting down on sodium and carbonated drinks, not consuming alcohol and focusing on eating a diet rich in foods that are naturally high in fiber, like fresh fruits and vegetables along with lean protein. Cutting out all other eating habits isn’t realistic for everyone and certainly not realistic in perpetuity for most people, which is where these healthy superfood snacks come in.

Many of them are clean, ready-to-eat products high in good stuff (antioxidants and energy-rich ingredients) and free from the bad stuff (think: processed ingredients like white sugar and white flour), while others are better alternatives to guilty vices (think: pizza or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups). Given that the holidays are a time for family, it’s also worth noting that everything on this health superfood snacks list is kid-friendly.

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