The is-fashion-art debate is something that people love to discuss. Paintings, sculptures and sketches fit neatly into the traditional art category, but fashion is different. Sure, you can frame clothes or simply admire them in your closet, but you can also wear them. If you think that means fashion cannot be considered art, these designers will convince you otherwise. From surrealist pieces to abstract ones, these designers produce wearable sculptures that are as breathtaking as any Renaissance artwork. These creative designers’ works look as beautiful strutting down the runway at Fashion Week as they do showcased in fashion exhibitions, like those at The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s The Costume Institute. They also have both professional and amateur critics (read: shoppers and bloggers) swooning.

Scroll through the gallery above to see the designers who prove that all masterpieces aren’t meant to be hung on walls. The best works of art are the ones you can wear.

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